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Episode 25 w/ Five Richh

On this episode Hardaway Jr had the pleasure of hosting the multi faceted Five Richh aka Rich Rumors. They get into her company under the brand name “Underground Gold”, her clothing imprint “Mama I’m on tour”, her philanthropy in the Miami community with “Summer Rim” and also get her opinions on the current state in hip hop as it pertains to should rapper diss back, if they have been attacked? This and a lot more is in store on this episode. Hit play and enjoy!

22 March 2017 Music  Podcast  Soundcloud  Uncategorized Read more

Episode 24 w/ DJ Luna

On Episode 24 we have the pleasure of sitting down with the infamous DJ Luna. Luna gives us exclusive stories of how she teamed up with Wale, how she began DJ’ing, and a crazy R. Kelly story. Hardaway Jr gives insight on Janet Jackson’s career, Luna talks about her musical beginning’s, and Big Tino gives his favorite Moonshine Volume. Comment and let us know your favorite Moonshine Volume! Tune in to hear the full episode!

17 March 2017 Music  Podcast  Soundcloud  Uncategorized Read more

Episode 19 w/ Darkside BayBay

After 19 episodes of The Rap Platform Podcast we have the pleasure of interviewing Darkside BayBay. Darkside brought a special guest with him by the name of Darkside Josh who also blessed the mic. The Family talked to us about a big upcoming event this memorial day weekend that will be going down, seafood rice, beautiful women, jet ski’s  something we definitely won’t want to miss. We discuss songs recorded with Miami legend “Brisco”, and go into detail about how Darkside got his name and where it represents. Take a listen as we dive into more controversial topics and get to know a new addition to our showcase….. STAY TUNED!

3 February 2017 Uncategorized Read more

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