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Episode 23 w/ Bushy B

In this episode Big T and Prvmids sit down with Bushy B at the live house store in North Miami Beach. They discuss how he started rapping as a kid, how his family and people around him influences his music,  working with DJ On the Beat, and what he has planned for the future. Tune in TRAP…

10 March 2017 Music  Podcast  Soundcloud Read more

Episode 22 w/ Block Bezzle

In episode 22 Block Bezzle gives us insight of what it’s like down on the south side of Miami. Big Tino talks to Block Bezzle about his most recent project “Hard to live Easy to Die”. We go in depth about the features from Skeet, and the legendary Ice Billion Berg. Block deciphers his insight on the Miami disconnect, Remy Vs Nikki beef, and the Atlanta Vs New England game. This episode is full of free game and a good conversation about sports and Hip-Hop. If your into either of the two, this is the episode for you. #SpreadLove- Big Tino

7 March 2017 Music  Podcast Read more

Episode 21 Community Goods

Today’s Episode we have the pleasure of hosting the trio behind the Miami based lifestyle brand known as Community Goods. We talk about how they met, what sparked the idea behind the infamous snapchat geotag, never being afraid of the word “No” and their mural that is placed in the front of Shoe Gallery in downtown Miami and how that came about. If you’re looking for inspiration to get up, get out and get something started. This is one you want to hear till the end! Enjoy!

3 March 2017 Music  Podcast  Soundcloud Read more

Episode 20 w/ Inikio

In this episode Big T and Hardaway Jr sits down with Iniko. They talk about his early days of rapping in Tallahassee, personal events that happened in his life, and what they would do with 600 million dollars. We also have an exclusive “dining room freestyle” from Inikio, and be on the look out for his up coming project Corner Store Music Ep due to drop in March.

1 March 2017 Music  Podcast  Soundcloud Read more

Episode 19 w/ Darkside BayBay

After 19 episodes of The Rap Platform Podcast we have the pleasure of interviewing Darkside BayBay. Darkside brought a special guest with him by the name of Darkside Josh who also blessed the mic. The Family talked to us about a big upcoming event this memorial day weekend that will be going down, seafood rice, beautiful women, jet ski’s  something we definitely won’t want to miss. We discuss songs recorded with Miami legend “Brisco”, and go into detail about how Darkside got his name and where it represents. Take a listen as we dive into more controversial topics and get to know a new addition to our showcase….. STAY TUNED!

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Episode 18 w/ Poochie aka SouljaLivinTru

We present to you a Miami exclusive! Poochie aka SouljaLivinTru’s first official interview. Poochie informs the public for the first time about his current situation, some information the people have been waiting to hear. 8ball join’s The Rap Platform podcast once again and blessed us with more gems. Yet, another episode you don’t want to miss. If your in the car, walking the dog, at work, wherever you may be just hit play!

27 January 2017 Podcast Read more

Episode 17 w/ Simply Annick

Simply on the scene Aka Simply Annick comes through to tell us how the infamous brand of Simply is progressing. After many years of seeing her make impressions on the culture through blogging, hosting, networking, and interviewing it’s time for her to be interviewed. The Rap Platform podcast presents to you the Simply Annick episode!

20 January 2017 Podcast Read more

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