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Episode 16 w/ JiggyMane Tha Plug

Hailing from Broward County, this episode we had pleasure of hosting Jiggymane The Plug! We had a lot of fun on this one. Our topics range from how he got into creating music, his creative process, the very interesting and entertaining choice of cover art, as well as his project names like “Milf Hunter”. This episode is filled with plenty of true stories that are sure to keep your ears glued! Hit play…

13 January 2017 Podcast Read more

Episode 15 w/ Fat Jesu$

For episode 16 we have the pleasure of interviewing Fat Jesu$! Representing Carol City, Fat Jesu$ is known for more than just one attribute. Fat Jesu$ found a key to the industry that has been missing, mixtape hosting. He describes what lead him into hosting, and the many other assets he brings to the game. Take a listen to one of our most interesting podcast yet!

6 January 2017 Podcast Read more

Episode 14 w/ Yung Gordon

Our special guest for this episode Yung Gordon embodies what we look for in Miami bass music. He speaks on the artist that inspire him the most, to what influences him to drive the culture. Stay tuned to the end of the episode where he gives us an exclusive track for the world to hear. Special guest appearances from talented and educated young men from various Universities give us insight on what they’re generation feel about music today. We appreciate the love Gordon showed at The Rap Platform podcast. And we at The Rap Platform want to send our condolences to DJ Ghost a legendary Miami DJ gone but not forgotten. Follow our page on Instagram: @TheRapPlatform and Twitter: @The_RapPlatform or find us online at

30 December 2016 Podcast Read more

Episode 13 w/ L$D & Sir DQ

We welcome to the show L$D and Sir DQ! On this episode we celebrated the birthday of Big Tino. Despite some minor weather issues, L$D dives into her life before music. She discuss connections with Darkside Bay Bay, upcoming projects January 2017, Miami Warehouse, and a lot more. Press play to find out more!

27 December 2016 Podcast Read more

Episode 12 w/ Platini available on ITunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Soundcloud!

Today we have a talented artist out of Broward County by the name of Platini! We talk about everything from where he was raised to how in the world out guy bench presses 315 lbs! Not to mention his upcoming music projects! You don’t want to miss this one! -Hardaway Jr

23 December 2016 Podcast Read more

Episode 11 w/ Rapper Rich & Mr. Compliment

On this episode of The Rap Platform we have Rapper Rich! An artist from Broward county, with a masterful sound of Jazz infused hip hop. He brought along with him his co-partner in Unfold Records Mr. Compliment aka Comp, which they both started together. They also speak on Rapper Rich’s up coming project “All Things Considered”. Enjoy! You’ll wanna hear this Top 5 as well!

19 December 2016 Podcast Read more

Too Player Mode

The Rap Platform had the pleasure of sitting down with Prez P and Big Nics to discuss this project before it’s release. After releasing their single “Who Got It?” produced by Showoff Beats, the streets started to buzz. Too Player Mode became one of the fastest spreading mixtape movements on Miami’s streets. They follow up the release with dope visuals from Unkle Luc, and production from one of our very own The Pyrvmids. You can now listen to the project on Itunes, Spotify, or even Soundcloud… As a matter of fact you can find it right here on!

16 December 2016 Music Read more

Episode 10 w/ Lil Champ Fway

Episode 10 with Lil Champ Fway was nothing short of epic. We welcome back The Pyrvmids for another classic podcast. Fway takes us down memory lane with an exclusive story about what happened on the music video set of Future’s hit song “Trap Niggas”. We get a deeper look into Fway’s stand out character, and share some good laughs. On the podcast side of things you can hear what we think about the Soulja Boy’s issues with Quavo, then indulge into some artist Fway wants to work with in the future.

16 December 2016 Podcast Read more

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